Things that need to be considered when replacing windows

Windows serve as transparency that we need in life to gaze upon the outside world. They also pose as a sort of separation from things that ought not to be in our reach, all the time. Want some fresh air in your room? Open a window. Want to let some light in and brighten up your home? Open a window. Windows play a significant role in making our homes a beautiful place to live in. Sometimes windows get worn out and might need replacement. Replacing windows can be considered a huge chore and also it can factor in some expenses that could cause a dent in your pocket. You do want this investment to pay off, don’t you? Here are some things to keep in mind that is instructed by some of the best window replacement Cincinnati companies.

Wooden window

What kind of frame do you actually want? Choose a frame that is visually appealing and works best for you. There can be a plethora of choices to choose from, and this could end up costing you some time. Vinyl frames are indeed very popular because they can be very low maintenance and very affordable. But keep in mind that Vinyl cannot be painted. They are usually white or brown in color. Aluminum frames have great insulation and are available in darker frame colors. Frames made from fiberglass require little to no maintenance at all, but it can prove to be quite expensive. Wood is an evergreen option (ironically), and they can be painted any color you want.

If you are conducting some construction activities in your house like replacing siding or maybe stucco, then replacement windows may well be in order. The requirement would be to cut the stucco, remove the flashing paper and take out the entire window altogether. The perimeter shall not be removed, but a new window will be installed in the older frame.


Single glazed windows have just one glass pane while dual glazed possess two panes. Single glazed ones are easy to replace in the event of shatter or breakage, but they don’t insulate all that well. Double glazed windows have a layer of air trapped between the two panes which offer perfect insulation. The seal usually fails after 20-25 years of use. Replacing a dual-glazed window is indeed expensive.

Great window maintenance and good looking windows increase the curb appeal and serve as a gigantic selling point. Even if you don’t plan on selling or renting your house, invest in some good quality windows because it will surely turn many faces and impress the people passing by.

Specifically, look out for the ENERGY STAR label on the windows that you purchase.  They prevent the heat from the sun, radiating throughout your house.