As the population increases, we see that there are many people who are opting for storage facilities. The storage facility industry is seeing a boom, and the current status of the industry; these changes do not seem to end. The different industry has many different facts about self-storage. We are going to deal with some of the most interesting facts about self-storage.

There are 7.3 square feet of self-storage space

It is possible that for every person on the country to occupy at least 7.3 square feet of self-storage at the same. This is the reminder of space that these storage facilities supply much more space rather than what you can see in the basement. San Diego storage unit are the best when it comes to storing your valuables in a common space.

65% of people have a self-storage unit in the garage, 47% have an attic, and 33% have a basement

The space that these self-storage units provide is rather useful which you cannot store even if you have a rather large home basement or attic. Also, many people choose to store their belonging in these secure facilities rather than using their living spaces.

The socioeconomic background of people

Almost half the population who uses self-storage earn about $50,000 per year and almost 63% of the people earn less than $75,000 and people of all socioeconomic background use self-storage and can afford quality storage service.

Thousands of privately held storage services

The United States has thousands of privately held services, which includes more than 30800 companies and each company having their own private regional facilities. These storage spaces have been locally owned and operated, which makes then an integral part of the community and economy.

Utilization of these self-storage facilities

In America, self-storage facilities is one of the fastest-growing industries in more than four decades. Each day more and more Americans are discovering the power and utilization of these self-storage facilities and has soon become a very important part of the nation’s economy.

They have been around for centuries

Although self-storage facilities seem like a relatively new idea, the fact is that they have been around for centuries. Archaeologists have discovered remnants of storage units in Xi’an, China which is said can be dated back 6000 years. Also, researchers have discovered a to-do list, heirlooms and many goods from the cluttered homes.

Auctions are less expensive

When these units are left abandoned, they are auctioned off by these facility owners. Although many people believe that their belonging will cost a lot of dollars, but all it takes is just $425. These facilities provided need to have online auctions, make it easy to bid online when they have to be sold.