5 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

The most essential item is a household is something that you take for granted. For example, many people focus on having the latest gadgets. They also focus on making sure that their living rooms look as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, many of them ignore their bedrooms because only a few people will enter it. More importantly, they do not focus on their mattresses even though it could be affecting their health, you can also take a look at the best orthopedic mattresses reviewed here and these are the surprising ways your mattress affects your sleep and health.


People are allergic to many things, and some of them could be in your mattress. For example, you could be allergic to dust, dirt, or mites. Sensitivity to these things might lead to rashes on your skin and coughs among other unpleasant things. Examine your mattress for dust, dirt, or mites if you suspect that it could be causing allergic reactions in you. Look at the material used to make the material as well. Latex mattresses are the best choice if you want to avoid dust mite allergies.

Back Pain

Old and low-quality mattresses increase the likelihood that you will suffer from back pain. More specifically, they start sagging as soon as you put your weight on them. This sagging interferes with the posture of your body leading to a strain on your back. Consequently, the mattress provides no relief from the pain that your body felt as you worked the whole day. Instead, it exacerbates this pain. The remedy to this situation is to avoid low-quality mattresses completely and change old mattresses as soon as you can.

Sleep deprivation

Did you know that sleeping for less than 4 hours in a 24-hour cycle has severe effects on your health? You should not do it at all. Instead, physicians recommend that you sleep for more than seven hours each day. Unfortunately, you cannot do that if you have a problematic mattress. Imagine trying to sleep when you are experiencing back pain or allergic reactions because of it. Doing that is difficult. Consequently, this situation will lead to sleep deprivation, which is bad for your health.

Weight gain

What will you do when you are awake all night because of sleep deprivation? Remember, your friends are sleeping at night and nothing good is showing on TV. You also do not want to binge-watch a series because you want to sleep. Most people turn to coffee so that they can sleep. Then they drink the coffee with a snack. Some turn to late-night ice cream. Eventually, they start eating meals when they wake up increasing their intake of food leading to weight gain.


The culmination of these adverse effects of having an old or low-quality mattress is depression. It occurs because handling these effects is a difficult process. Moreover, it takes a long time for people to discover the problem because they rarely think that it could be their mattress. Purchase a high-quality mattress to avoid this depressive state.