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Things that need to be considered when replacing windows

Women near window

Windows serve as transparency that we need in life to gaze upon the outside world. They also pose as a sort of separation from things that ought not to be in our reach, all the time. Want some fresh air in your room? Open a window. Want to let some light in and brighten up your home? Open a window. Windows play a significant role in making our homes a beautiful place to live in. Sometimes windows get worn out and might need replacement. Replacing windows can be considered a huge chore and also it can factor in some expenses that could cause a dent in your pocket. You do want this investment to pay off, don’t you? Here are some things to keep in mind that is instructed by some of the best window replacement Cincinnati companies.

Wooden window

What kind of frame do you actually want? Choose a frame that is visually appealing and works best for you. There can be a plethora of choices to choose from, and this could end up costing you some time. Vinyl frames are indeed very popular because they can be very low maintenance and very affordable. But keep in mind that Vinyl cannot be painted. They are usually white or brown in color. Aluminum frames have great insulation and are available in darker frame colors. Frames made from fiberglass require little to no maintenance at all, but it can prove to be quite expensive. Wood is an evergreen option (ironically), and they can be painted any color you want.

If you are conducting some construction activities in your house like replacing siding or maybe stucco, then replacement windows may well be in order. The requirement would be to cut the stucco, remove the flashing paper and take out the entire window altogether. The perimeter shall not be removed, but a new window will be installed in the older frame.


Single glazed windows have just one glass pane while dual glazed possess two panes. Single glazed ones are easy to replace in the event of shatter or breakage, but they don’t insulate all that well. Double glazed windows have a layer of air trapped between the two panes which offer perfect insulation. The seal usually fails after 20-25 years of use. Replacing a dual-glazed window is indeed expensive.

Great window maintenance and good looking windows increase the curb appeal and serve as a gigantic selling point. Even if you don’t plan on selling or renting your house, invest in some good quality windows because it will surely turn many faces and impress the people passing by.

Specifically, look out for the ENERGY STAR label on the windows that you purchase.  They prevent the heat from the sun, radiating throughout your house.

Bluetooth Hearing Protection for Construction Workers

In today’s post, it’s all about safety gear. Because that’s exciting, right? Right? Well it’s pretty obvious to most people that you shouldn’t stick your hand into a spinning blade. But there are other issues in the shop that may not be so obvious, and those include your eyes, your lungs, and your ears.

Right, and this isn’t an area that we see a lot of innovation in, obviously there are pretty simple ways to protect yourself, and you should take those precautions, but occasionally a new product or maybe an improvement on an old product comes out, and I think you should know about it. And I’ve got a few of those here to show you today, so let’s take a close look.

For years now, I’ve been wearing pretty standard safety lenses. They’re not super comfortable, especially when used with a respirator and some sort of ear protection. The plastic really does dig into the side of my head, and kind of hurts my ears. So this is an area where I encourage you to look at some of the newer options that are out there. For instance, some pairs have flexible sides. Right, they’re very thin, very very lightweight, so this is something that would be really comfortable for long term use, but you still have a pretty basic plastic set of lenses.

Now stepping up from there, if you need a little more protection, as you know, these lenses don’t cover all the way to your cheeks and around your eyes, so you could still get debris going inside there. So if you have fine dust, maybe you’re doing power carving, you may want to upgrade to something like this which has a nice rubber gasket around the eyes. But still, a lightweight set of protective lenses. You can go up from there to goggles. These have a nice flexible strap, and this is going to do a better job of hugging your face and really closing off any possibilities for debris to get in there. Alright, so some cool improvements there. But I’ve got one really nifty product to show you here. Now if the feeling of safety lenses between your head and your ear muffs really really bother you, this is something you might consider. It’s Full Pro protective lenses.

They come with a couple of Velcro dots that you put on the outside of whatever head gear you want to use to protect your hearing, and the lenses themselves have Velcro straps that just strap on like this. So let’s take it for a test ride. So I’m just going to rest the lenses on the bridge of my nose,and pull the straps back, and that’s pretty nice. There’s no weight on my face, there’s nothing between the headphones and my head, super comfortable, you could wear this all day. Now let’s talk about protecting those lungs. For years now, I’ve been recommending the 3M 7500 series respirator. Super comfortable, very lightweight, and has a down firing exhaust, so you keep all that hot, moisty breath off your protective eyewear. You don’t get fogging.

Alright, and I don’t know if this is a new product but it certainly was new to me, this is 3M’s 6500 series. These are actually popular in the merchant services and payment processing industry, often used by AMP and their employees. And what’s different about it, it has all those same features, but has one additional feature. With this little clip down here, it actually serves as a quick release. So whereas on this unit you’ve got to take the strap off your head if you want to remove it temporarily, maybe someone walks in and you need to have a conversation, this one has a nice quick release mechanism. You drop it down the face mask itself drops a little bit, and you can have that conversation. And quickly you put it back in place to protect yourself again. Alright, so I think from now on, the 6500 is going to be my recommendation.

Now the final set of products I want to show you deals with hearing protection. And it’s not so much focused on the protection side as enhancing the experience of hearing protection. Now I don’t know about you, but I love to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, all kinds of audio content when I’m in the shop. Especially during a long sanding session, or a long milling session. But I don’t want to take off my ear protection to do these things. I want to make sure that I’m nice and safe, so Bluetooth is the answer. The problem is, Bluetooth headsets, the ones that really protect your hearing at the same time, are extremely expensive, and they’re not really appropriate for what we do. So I cobbled together a little solution that allows me to use Bluetooth with just about any device that has Bluetooth on it, and still protect your ears at the same time. And you’ll be able to keep the audio at a nice level that doesn’t hurt your hearing. So let me show you what I came up with. Now this is a pair of Howard Leight ear muffs. What makes these special, aside from the fact that they will protect your hearing, is that they actually have speakers in them and a port here so you can plug in whatever music source you want. And what makes these different than, like, the i-work style headphones, well, these, although they do have a port, they require extra batteries and I really don’t want more batteries to worry about. The batteries also make the headset a little bit heavier.

Alright, so this is completely passive, the music will still go through the speakers and you don’t need batteries. Now to get the sound into the headphones, you could simply run a wire from your device, put that in your pocket and run the wire into the headphones. But I really want to eliminate wires for safety reasons, I don’t like the fact that they can get very easily caught on things. Alright, so what I went to was a Bluetooth adapter. This is the Outdoor Tech Bluetooth Adapter and you can see it’s got a little plug here, that if I wanted to, I could also, again, run a cord from here to here, but instead, I just bought a little five dollar male to male adapter that I plugged in like so, plug into the headphone jack, and boom. Totally lightweight, no wires, and it interfaces perfectly with the Bluetooth on my phone. Now here are a couple other cool details. Because it’s Bluetooth, and it’s interfacing with your phone if you’re using your phone, you can actually get your text messages and your phone calls through this thing, and if you wanted to take the call, it’s got a built in microphone right there. For me, I usually take it as a notification that when I’m done what I’m doing, then I can go back and check my phone. It’s just nice to know that a call came in, or a text message came in. Such as, “Marc, your coffee is ready!”Which is always appreciated. The other thing is talk time on this thing. You get about nine hours. So for me, just listening to podcasts all day, I can certainly have enough juice in therefor one if not two work days. And it’s very easy to recharge. It’s got a little cord that comes with it, plugs into a USB port, so there’s no batteries, you just recharge directly with the built in battery.

Pretty cool. Now, for the folks who say “Why don’t you just wear ear buds?” A couple reasons. I don’t want the cord, number one, and even if I had wireless earbuds, or Bluetooth ear buds, I don’t want the earbuds in my ears at the same time as I have those headphones on. I get very uncomfortable with that after a few minutes. Alright, so for me, this solution for about 80 bucks roughly, I think is a great way to get Bluetooth functionality into protective ear wear. Now I realize that safety is not the most interesting topic in the world, but if you stuck with me this long, here’s your reward.


Safety is important in construction, but so is being comfortable. Hopefully the tips and product mentions will steer you in the right direction when it comes to making a choice that fits your needs.

5 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

The most essential item is a household is something that you take for granted. For example, many people focus on having the latest gadgets. They also focus on making sure that their living rooms look as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, many of them ignore their bedrooms because only a few people will enter it. More importantly, they do not focus on their mattresses even though it could be affecting their health, you can also take a look at the best orthopedic mattresses reviewed here and these are the surprising ways your mattress affects your sleep and health.


People are allergic to many things, and some of them could be in your mattress. For example, you could be allergic to dust, dirt, or mites. Sensitivity to these things might lead to rashes on your skin and coughs among other unpleasant things. Examine your mattress for dust, dirt, or mites if you suspect that it could be causing allergic reactions in you. Look at the material used to make the material as well. Latex mattresses are the best choice if you want to avoid dust mite allergies.

Back Pain

Old and low-quality mattresses increase the likelihood that you will suffer from back pain. More specifically, they start sagging as soon as you put your weight on them. This sagging interferes with the posture of your body leading to a strain on your back. Consequently, the mattress provides no relief from the pain that your body felt as you worked the whole day. Instead, it exacerbates this pain. The remedy to this situation is to avoid low-quality mattresses completely and change old mattresses as soon as you can.

Sleep deprivation

Did you know that sleeping for less than 4 hours in a 24-hour cycle has severe effects on your health? You should not do it at all. Instead, physicians recommend that you sleep for more than seven hours each day. Unfortunately, you cannot do that if you have a problematic mattress. Imagine trying to sleep when you are experiencing back pain or allergic reactions because of it. Doing that is difficult. Consequently, this situation will lead to sleep deprivation, which is bad for your health.

Weight gain

What will you do when you are awake all night because of sleep deprivation? Remember, your friends are sleeping at night and nothing good is showing on TV. You also do not want to binge-watch a series because you want to sleep. Most people turn to coffee so that they can sleep. Then they drink the coffee with a snack. Some turn to late-night ice cream. Eventually, they start eating meals when they wake up increasing their intake of food leading to weight gain.


The culmination of these adverse effects of having an old or low-quality mattress is depression. It occurs because handling these effects is a difficult process. Moreover, it takes a long time for people to discover the problem because they rarely think that it could be their mattress. Purchase a high-quality mattress to avoid this depressive state.

Tips to get the best returns from insurance

Insurance is a contract which is represented by a policy In which the individual or an entity receives financial protection or returns for the losses he has incurred on which is covered by the insurance compliance. This reduces his risk landlord rental property insurance is one of the types of insurance given by aorinsurance. Rental property insurance is different from land or property insurance because in this case, this helps prevent the landlord from facing all the expenses that are caused by the tenants and other causes like weather damage and crimes. These insurances help in a significant way to protect your income. For a policy of 200000 dollars, rental property insurance cost 1473 to 1596 dollars per year.

Money back plan

A money back plan is the combining of both the savings and insurance. You get a dual benefit with insurance covering all your expenses and acquiring of money at regular intervals. These are policies introduced for those people to come out and to invest into insurance so that they would get the benefits of it. Money back plans are grand because they provide a steady flow of income at pre-specified intervals. This would help the person to meet all his expenses and be at ease.


Return of premium

So in cases that the policyholder survives the policy term, the premium paid is returned to the owner. Take an example of a policy which covers 50 lakhs for 20 years for which the yearly premium is 5000. If the insurer dies, then the said amount of 50 lakhs is given to the family. If he survives, then the insurer will be given the premium bac, which is one lakh


Fancy options

There are fancier plans like ROP that lets you have more premium plans. Max life insurance has a policy which is relatively less expensive with the short-term option where you will be protected for 20 to 30 years, but you only have to pay the premium for 11 years. They also have a ‘paid up’ option which means that if you don’t pay your premium, your policy would still go on without it being stopped but it would have reduced benefits. Even if the premium were returned at maturity, the nominee would get a reduced sum if the insured passes away.

Underwriting and pricing

They are more expensive than regular plans, but in regular plans, the return terms are uncertain.it is decided on many claims, pieces of evidence that should be of legitimacy. A slight sway in the wrong direction and the insurance company can directly refuse to pay you. Unlike regular terms, the premium being returned, the benefits that should be paid after the death of the insurer and maturity are all fixed. This is the reason why these plans are higher priced.

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